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Events for 2017

  • Pongal Vizha
  • Chithirai Vizha
  • Workshop's and seminar's
  • Tamizhisai Vizha
  • Muthamizh Vizha
  • VolleyBall/Badminton Tournament
  • Poonjolai Magazine Release

Events for 2016

  • Chennai flood relief fund raising
  • Pongal Vizha
  • Chithirai Vizha
  • Dr.Velu Saravanan workshop
  • College Prep 101
  • Immigration Seminar   
  • Tamizhisai Vizha
  • Grover fest
  • Muthamizh Vizha
  • Sangamam 
  • VolleyBall/Badminton Tournament

Events for 2015

  • Pongal Vizha
  • College Prep 101    
  • Tamizhisai vizha
  • Wealth Management Lecture
  • Picnic
  • Health Camp
  • VolleyBall/BadmintonTournament
  • Science Forum
  • Muthamizh Vizha
  • Poonjolai Magazine Release

Events for 2014

  • Pongal Vizha with Neeya Naana Gopinath
  • Building Wealth through Real Estate Investment Session
  • Photography 101 Session with Sasi
  • Vasantha Vizha
  • FETNA - 2014
  • TSM Picnic
  • Dental and Orthodontic Webminar with Dr. Harikrishnan
  • Light The Night Walk - Charity walk to the end of Cancer
  • Lakshman Shruthi Music Concert
  • VolleyBall Tournament
  • Badminton Tournament
  • Muthamizh Vizha

TSM Tamil School 

TSYVO - TSM Youth Volunteer Organization

TAG - TSM Adult Group

Last but not the least, you get to meet lots of other Tamils folks and you will in fact enjoy our different accents of Tamil from all over the world!!

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