Become a Member

TSM members should abide by the bylaws, rules and regulations, pay the prescribed fees and dues, and submit an online membership application.


Regular Membership: Membership shall be classified as single, family, or student. Anyone eighteen or above is eligible for single membership and as such is entitled to one vote. The family membership consists of a couple and includes children until they are 25 if dependent on parents. The family unit will have one individual vote for the adult individual and his/her spouse/partner, similar to individual membership. One must be a full time student and working towards a degree/diploma to qualify for student membership and is entitled to one vote. Persons who are not residing in the state of Missouri but are interested in supporting the activities of the Tamil Sangam may be considered for membership.

Life Membership: TSM members are eligible to become life members if they meet the following criteria. The application for life membership should be endorsed by two current life members and submitted to the current EC.

  • * Should have been a member of TSM for at least three years.
  • * Should have actively participated in the activities of TSM in fulfilling its mission.
  • * Should be willing to make continuing contributions towards the mission of TSM.
  • * Should abide by the bylaws, rules and regulations of TSM.


Membership Fee Structure 

Membership Type Annual Membership New/Renewal fee
Family $120
Single $60
Full time Student $50
One time event fee

$25 Adult/$15 Kids [Kids under age 5 FREE]

Life Membership $120 x 10 times = $1200
On Spot Family Registration $140 (during Pongal Vizha)
On Spot Single Registration $70 (during Pongal Vizha)


*** Please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions. ***

Membership Benefits:

  • Pongal Vizha including special program from Tamil Nadu artists - Free entrance for members including dinner/snacks
  • Chithirai Vizha(Optional)  - Free entrance for members including dinner/snacks
  • Special Ticketed Events (Music Concert, FeTNA Tour and etc.,)
  • Special workshop(Optional)  - Free entrance for members including snacks
  • Seminars  - Free entrance for members including snacks
  • Tamizhisai Vizha  - Free entrance for members including dinner/snacks
  • Magalir Mattum  - Free entrance for members including dinner/snacks
  • Muthamizh Vizha  - Free entrance for members including dinner/snacks
  • VolleyBall/Badminton Tournament - Ticketed event
  • Poonjolai Magazine  - Free for members
  • Priority participating in cultural events.
  • Priority in competition enrollments.
  • Receive monthly news letters and notifications of events in the Tamil community.